Anekor Pakistan offers a variety of HR consulting services that can help organizations effectively manage their human resources. We help our clients by providing expertise, resources and building policies in areas where there is lack either internal or external, allowing them to focus on their business operations. Moreover, these services can improve the overall functioning of an organization’s HR department and can have long-term benefits for the company.

HR Policies and Procedures

Developing and redesigning of the HR Policies and Procedures is a crucial part of any organization.Anekor Pakistan helps client companies building policies that establish clear expectations and guidelines for employee behavior, performance, and conduct.

Managing compensation and benefits programs

Our company helps providing advisory services to clients, through which they can improve reward systems and retain top talent.

Managing Employee relation and grievances

It is important for every organization to manage employee relations and conflicts in an effective manner. We provide advice and employee friendly policies that help our client to run the organization smoothly both in terms of coping up with conflicts and handled in a timely, fair, and impartial manner.

Talent Management

Our Talent Management Process is aimed at ensuring that our Client has the right people in the right roles, and that they are able to grow and advance within the Company. Moreover, it will also help in retaining the top talent by the implementation of different Strategies.

Job Description Document

We help our client create, update, or manage job description documents. This results in saving time and resources of the client.

  • HR Policies and Procedures.
  • Managing compensation and benefits programs.
  • Managing Employee relation and grievances.
  • Job Description Document
  • Talent Management